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Roofing Tools
By Gary Ng
There's no doubt it's a wise move to hire a professional to remove, install or maintain a roof. But with a little bit of time and knowledge, and often with the help of a few friends, replacing a roof is a realistic do it yourself project. The key to doing it yourself rather than doing yourself in is the right tools. These tools can be found at the local hardware store. A slate cutter does just what the name implies, cuts slate and shingles. It goes through most materials like a hot knife through butter. Industrial versions cut 1/2 thick shingles easily. Some models have a punch to get them started, which also offers better control in the cutting process. Instead of throwing the shingles to the ground, which requires a constant trek to the perilous edge, consider a ridge bucket. These buckets are designed to hug the roof so they don't slip even on a steep incline. It's safer and quicker to use this bucket to dispose of materials. Use a hip runner to install ridge cap and hip ridges perfectly straight every time. Of all the tools this is one the contractors always have, but do it your self enthusiasts rarely consider. Seaming pliers aren't for sewing. They're for yanking off shingles, especially stubborn shingles that seem to have a mind of their own intent on staying in place. Seaming pliers have teeth to grip the shingle without tearing it. Add a good pair of thick work gloves to save your fingers and hands from scrapes, bruises and blisters from gripping and pulling rough shingles. A slater's hammer has a hammer head, as well as a small ax and a blade on the opposite side.

This tool can be used both for removing the old roof and installing the new roof. It's also useful as a regular hammer and with the ax and blade for other projects besides roofing. Not only will most local hardware stores carry these tools, they'll rent some of the larger ones such as a slate cutter. This way a novice can use the best quality tools rather than one that's cheaper to purchase. Keep in mind too that knowledge is a tool as important as any other. These local hardware stores are also sources of information on roofing. Between books they carry and staff on hand who can give you advice, they can prepare a person for every step of the process.
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