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Fastest Way To Lose Weight
By Gary Ng
Looking for the fastest way to lose weight? Aside from a long sickness or drug use, both of which are completely negative ways to lose weight, calorie cycling may be the way to go. Calorie cycling or calorie shifting is quickly becoming a popular method. Long used by bodybuilders and other athletes who have to make weight without losing strength or muscle, calorie shifting is a simple method that involves tricking the body into remaining in a high metabolism, high burn mode even when fewer calories are consumed. The great thing about calorie shifting is that it can work to lose weight even if you don't cut down on calories. Here's how it works. Every day eat at the same times, but vary the nutrients or calories consumed. It's a very simple diet to execute because it's a very well planned diet. There are numerous on line sources that include detailed explanations and menus for calorie shifting. Now for a few cautions. Of course there are cautions. Calorie shifting diets are generally low in vegetables, calcium and fat. All of those are necessary to a healthy body. Next, calorie shifting is a diet originally designed for cases of extreme obesity where medical intervention is needed. In such cases the diet would be administered under careful medical

scrutiny. That's not true when used at home. Finally, calorie shifting diets are short term, quick loss diets. Like other such diets you'll put the weight back on quickly if you go back to the regular eating habits, and most people do. As with any diet, or really anything in life, moderation is required. Calorie shifting is fine for a short time, but shouldn't extend beyond a few days. Also make sure it's followed in conjunction with an overall healthy eating plan and an exercise plan. That way then the few days of calorie shifting is complete, the weight won't return and return you to square one. Take a long term approach to diet rather than a short term approach to diets. Sure bodybuilders use calorie shifting. But the smart ones eat well all the time, using calorie shifting only in the last few days of training before a contest. The smart ones also happen to be the healthy ones, as many bodybuilders who do the wrong things suffer from serious health problems related to constantly gaining and losing massive amounts of weight. Diet is what you eat every day, diets are short periods of eating less to make a quick gain as part of an overall food plan. Don't do that, and the fastest way to lose weight quickly becomes the fastest way to again gain weight.
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