Mesothelioma Prevention and Precaution guide  

Mesothelioma Prevention And Precaution
In my earlier article pertaining to “mesothelioma and asbestos side effects”, I have briefly discussed on the possible side effects common folks maybe faced with should they have any form of furniture or asset fittings within their occupied premise (both at home as well as your workplace) that are made essentially from materials comprising of asbestos components or elements. It was highlighted that workers engaged in certain industries or trade handling or working with asbestos materials should be adequately protected. Specifically, what level of protection as well as precaution should be undertaken? First off, let’s look at the work environment you are currently at: Is it adequately ventilated either through natural ventilation (as in a workplace with generous amount of window openings) or mechanical ventilation (as in is your workplace air-conditioned or provided with other means of positive pressure ventilation)? Are your work stations well spaced out? Is the machinery used by each staff well spaced out as well? Your work environment needs to be properly assessed as it will further determine the level of personal protection you’ll need to provide for your staff or self provided (depending whether you’re working in a large organization or whether you’re self employed). A work environment which has work stations located too close to one another, is in a stuffy and hot room, or situated in a humid country will affect how asbestos particles when released into the environment will propagate. As far as possible, a well balanced form of workplace ventilation should be practiced. While air-conditioning the whole workplace maybe costly in the long run and thus not feasible in terms of monthly electrical bills, this form of balance can be maintained with suitable window openings properly planned out with your contractor or space planner. Going further, the choice of lighting also plays a part in the influencing the room temperature. Too many lights that are not well spaced out? Well, you get the picture. The rate of release of asbestos particles is not only dependent on the environmental temperature, but is also dependent on the level of work being exercised upon. By this, we’re referring to the rate of production of such asbestos components (such as gypsum board manufacturing, etc.). While it may not be a wise business decision to slow down the rate of production in the name of workplace safety and health (then again, it depends on who and where you’re working for), the provision of suitable personal protective equipment (or PPE) shall come into play. At the minimal level, a proper individually-fitted N95 level face mask along with goggles should be provided for the upper chest level, followed by proper safety

shoes along with industrial-grade work gloves for the limbs. The rest of the body should be covered in a proper overall. With all this in place, you’ll now start to understand why your workplace needs to be properly ventilated, not just to minimize the spread of asbestos particles, but also for the sake of personal work comfort which will also influence an individual’s work concentration level when operating a machinery or cutting tool. And at the end of each day before leaving your workplace, ensure that all the PPE listed above is properly stored in a well ventilated designated storage room and your overalls are sent for washing. Needless to say, it would be strongly advisable that you and your staff take a shower before heading out as well. This is in line with the concept of risk reduction. These are just some of the prevention and precautions you can undertake with regards to mesothelioma or asbestos exposure. (Note: readers must be aware that the views expressed above are those of the author and should not be considered as legal advice or grounds to pursue legal judgement. Visit our website to find out more on mesothelioma and asbestos solutions.)

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Mesothelioma Prevention And Precaution
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