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Before You Purchase A Suv
By Gary Ng
It seems that when we say hybrid SUVs we actually make a mistake, as it sounds like an oxymoron. Why is that? SUVs are expensive vehicles and whoever buys one probably has enough money to maintain and fuel it. Even so, with the fuel prices staying so high, we should not be amazed at people’s desire to have more economic vehicles, even though the vehicles under discussion are SUVs. Besides, there is this tendency and policy all over the world to make people aware of the importance of our energy resources which we have been using wastefully. Therefore, we should all be concerned about having hybrid vehicles which are more fuel-efficient. So with these in mind, people started making some adjusting to powerful vehicles and turn them into hybrid SUVs. When you decide to buy hybrid SUVs, you should know that not all of them are cost–efficient in the long run, which means you have to do some research before choosing among the various hybrid SUVs. To be of help in this matter, analysts at automotive-cost tracking Web site ran a study for, in which they analyzed and compared projected 5-year ownership costs for specific vehicles the average expected costs of which were similar to SUVs. The elements followed in this study were fuel, maintenance, finance costs and depreciation. Analysts intended to find out whether specific costs measured up to their expectations. They also compared the difference amounts between non hybrid and hybrid SUVs. According to their findings, hybrid SUVs beat the broad expectations by about

$4,000. Among the hybrid SUVs available on the market at present, there are a number of vehicles like Acura RD-X, BMW X5 Hybrid, Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Equinox, Dodge Durango, Ford Escape, Lexus RZ 400h, Saturn VUE, to mention just a few of them. So, as you can see almost all the big automobile companies have become interested in doing something about the environment and finance and have already come up with a number of hybrid SUVs on the market. How much fuel do you save with hybrid SUVs? No one can give clear cut figures as the calculations are quite extensive and the amount differs from vehicle to vehicle, as well as from driver to driver. What we can say is that hybrid SUVs, and hybrid vehicles in general, though heavier, seem to bear their bigger weight better than conventional vehicles, and this is only if we look at the problem of fuel efficiency and costs. In conclusion, if you are interested in hybrid SUVs do not hesitate, but go for them. Hybrid SUVs are definitely worth paying for.
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