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Essential Basics Of Hybrid Engines
By Gary Ng
What is a hybrid engine? What are the functioning principles of a hybrid engine? The hybrid engine is typically described as an engine with two sources of energy: thus, on the one hand there is the gas part and on the other, there is an electrical battery that supports the gas system. Through this combination, the outcome is lower pollution due to the electric component and the high power output of the gas engine. What can be said about the variety of hybrid engine types is that there are as many of them as there are hybrid cars. Each and every hybrid engine is created as to allow the gas engine and the electric motor to connect to the drive train in order to power the vehicle and make it move. How does the hybrid engine work? The principle by which any hybrid engine functions is quite simple. The hybrid engine works as follows: the gas engine and the brakes are used with the aim to recharge the battery for the electric motor; thus there is no more need to plug in overnight, as it would be the case with an electric only motor. When the brakes are pressed, some of the energy otherwise used to stop the car, is collected by the regenerative brakes in the electric motor. In the case of a typical full hybrid engine, the electric motor will take

control while the vehicle is cruising, when it stops or when you slowly accelerate it. When extra energy or power is necessary, it is the gas engine’s turn to interfere to give the expected acceleration. In the case of the hybrid engine,we will obtain higher mpg than in the gas-only engine vehicles by letting the electric motor to take over. The fact that most of the energy is collected, and to a certain extent saved, when the vehicle is stopped or slowed down, makes hybrid vehicles better and more efficient in city driving. Unlike what happens due to hybrid engine vehicles, in the situation of gas-only engine cars, driving is more fuel efficient when racing at higher speeds, out of the city. The hybrid engine vehicles not only eliminate the need to plug in, but they have also increased the range of technical possibilities.
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