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Natural Hair Products
By Gary Ng
Many people nowadays try their best to avoid chemicals in hair treatments and it is becoming more and more difficult to do so because they seem to have become an integral part of our lives. Natural products are pretty expensive and therefore not everyone can afford to buy them. Moreover, information is sometimes not particularly available to everyone so that they can make the best decision as to what products to opt for from what is available on the market. The same problem is encountered in the area. Natural are mostly recommended by those well informed because there are many advantages to using them. First of all, applying natural means avoiding allergies that can appear at scalp level and may even cause hair loss. Once somebody has tried natural they are completely hooked on them. They may have started using them as part of a treatment or because pregnancy did not allow the use of chemical-based products that would do harm to the baby. They have also realized that daily stress, environmental factors, various illnesses and perhaps diet are strongly radical enough as far as leaving marks on our hair and scalp. Therefore, they try to at least control what they can such as the type of that they use. By resorting to natural hair products, people reduce the amount of chemicals that their scalp, their hair and their body would otherwiseabsorb. Some also consider that natural contain fewer chemicals that are not so harmful to the environment we live in. Most products that are natural also come in packaging that is environmentally friendly and of course have not required testing on animals to see what effects they may have. As such, if you are an environment lover, you might think long term and

choose to buy natural along with other recyclable items with different destinations. As far as hair coloring is concerned, some people have decided to give up coloring their hair with dyes that contain certain doubtful substances or chemicals under debate. Hot topics for scientific disputes have highlighted how little control we have over what we create and to what a small degree of certainty we have as far as cancer is concerned and what it is caused by. Therefore, some women have given up using chemical-based dyes and have resorted to more natural approaches. These natural approaches are also highly recommended by doctors to women are pregnant based on research studies claiming that whatever harms a motherís body shall harm the babyís as well.
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