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Loreal Hair Products
By Gary Ng
Loreal are recommended by many stylists, beauty magazines and Internet sites. Many salons that are costly to go to, use the products that Loreal offers and they are indeed pleased with the effects and results that they obtain in terms of hair appearance on a long term basis. Loreal can be separated into various categories, and the three include Loreal kids, Vive pro and Vive Pro for men. Within the category of Loreal for kids you can find two-in-one shampoos that smell like fruit and that are great for normal to fine or thin hair. Some shampoos smell like strawberry, others like blueberries, others like pears and so on. Some are meant only for hair use while others are good both for the hair and for the body when you shower. Some of these shampoos have the purpose of rendering your kidís hair extra soft or extra shiny. It is all a matter of making a choice depending on the type of hair your child has and on the preferences he or she has in terms of fruity flavors and smells. The Vive Pro Loreal can in their turn be grouped into smaller categories. If your hair is dyed and you want to lengthen the life of your color you should probably choose Loreal like shampoos and conditioners especially designed for preserving color. They can be intended for dry and damaged, regular, or highlighted hair. For those of you that have fine to normal hair that looks lifeless because there is no volume to it, Loreal have been created to help you out of this pitiful appearance. Hydra gloss moisturizing shampoos and conditioners can do a great

job. If your hair is pretty long and looks like in need of nurture, then Nutria gloss conditioners and shampoos are your solution. Last but not least, there is also the category of dry and frizzy hair whether fine or thick. It can get really annoying when you cannot seem to get in control of your own hairstyle; the role of Loreal that fall in the smooth intense subcategory is to moisturize your hair and to fight frizz. The last main category of Loreal targets men. Products here specialize on fine to thinning hair, on fine and normal hair and on all hair types too. Some items are anti-dandruff, some are two-in-one and others aim at intense hair cleaning only.
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