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Severe Depression
By Gary Ng
Severe occurs when the illness is in its worse stages. Too many Americans will not seek help for this disorder until it is so severe that it takes years to bring under control. Some type of affects over 15 million Americans each and every year. The sad fact is that only one third of those suffering this disease will ever seek medical attention. It seems that the age-old stereotypes that are associated with any mental illness leads these individuals to conceal their affliction and try to wish it away. The problem is that Sever will not be wished away. Those who suffer this disease have no control over it and the condition will only get worse with time. Many Americans are too ashamed to admit they are afflicted. Severe is no reflection on you as a human being. You are not less of a person. is a disease like any other disease. It requires treatment and support. When reaches the severe level it simply means that all of the normal symptoms of the disease are magnified. Everything associated with the illness becomes more intense. Your ability to adapt both socially and professionally becomes more and more difficult. The feelings of worthlessness begin to completely consume you and pull you deeper into yourself. This illness cannot be prevented. However, it can be treated. Early detection is vital to success. The ability to

identify the symptoms associated with is essential in the process of diagnosis and treatment. There are many different symptoms that are identified with depression. One of the most obvious is that the inflicted will begin to draw into themselves. They find it hard to deal with those around them. They cannot overcome their feelings of guilt, hopelessness and uselessness. They are constantly agitated and irritable. In the severest of cases those suffering from this disease may feel that they hear voices or believe they have received visits from the devil. At some point many of these victims of Severe will consider suicide as a way of escape. Those affected by this illness need the support of those around them and treatment that will give them confidence once again. Severe is a terrible disease. Those who suffer it cannot live normal lives, as they once knew it. There is no feeling like the feeling of losing self-control. The only hope for this illness is treatment. Typically, anti-depressants and 'talk therapy' are prescribed to treat depression. There are also many support groups available to assist these individuals to adjust in society. Once victims seek treatment they can be put on the road to a better life. They can once again gain the self-control they once had. To reach that point one must first face their illness and pursue solutions.
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