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By Gary Ng
Depression is a serious infliction that affects almost 15 million Americans every year. It is a disease. Although it is defined as a mental illness this is no reflection on the personal attributes of the inflicted. can affect anyone. It has no reasoning for its path. It will affect the rich as well as the poor. It takes no race into consideration. The fact that you are suffering from this disease does not mean that you are less a human being. The age-old stereotype that has been associated with a mental illness must be ignored. The suffering associated with this disease will only get worse without treatment. It will not simply go away if you ignore the symptoms. Untreated this illness will advance and will take over your life. Depression is brought on by many factors in our life. This illness is more than just feeling sad and confused for a day or so. The affects of true can last for months and years. at its worse can lead one to the act of suicide. In its early stages it may just make you feel remorse. It can take from you the enjoyment that you once used to receive from your favorite activities. You can experience loneliness and despair. You may feel like a failure at life and cannot see where the future is going to get any better. As time goes by it can begin to change your personality for all to see. You will feel the affects at work, at school and at home.

It will upset your sleep habits and cause your anxiety to grow. There are many causes of depression. Stress can be a major factor. Stress caused by the loss of a loved one or from a serious illness that you have been diagnosed with. It can be passed on genetically. It can be caused by abuse rather it be physical, emotional or sexual. Much of the time it can be felt because of simply trying to get by financially in everyday life. There is so much stress in the world today to compete and satisfy those in our society. This disease can become very dangerous. The good news is that there is help if you choose to seek it. Studies have shown that only a third of that 15 million Americans that are affected by will ask for assistance. You have to want help or you have to have someone who loves you seek the help for you. The most common form of treatment for is 'talk therapy' and 'anti-depressants' such as Prozac. However, this can get to be very expensive and the anti-depressants offer as many side affects as the itself. There are natural medications available that contain the ingredient 'hyperforin' that are just as effective as the prescribed anti-depressants. There are support groups that are aimed at assisting those affected by this terrible illness. The bottom line is this there is help for but you have to want it or someone has to want it for you.
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