Instant Project X

"You have purchased Affiliate Project X and you have tried your utmost to unlearn and relearn what's in that guide.....Somehow, you're not getting anywhere as it claims..."



 In September 2006, Affiliate Project X

Was Launched And Made Tremendous

Sales. Somehow Though, NOT EVERYONE

Got The Picture... 

Dear Internet Marketing Friend,

I'm sure you might know by now the highly acclaimed e-book titled: "Affiliate Project X", launched in September 2006 and quickly shot to the top of the ClickBank charts. Many marketers have bought this product in the hopes of achieving the "ultimate" internet marketing answer.

Well, did they (and you)?

In November 2006, after experimenting with some of the techniques in APX, I discovered a little piece (or pieces) of "missing" ingredient. This soon led to the development of a companion guide which only a priviledged  few were given access to. The results? Well, read through the rest and you'll see for yourself. (And NO... you will not find this on ClickBank)

In the months that followed, this companion guide began to grow in popularity and eventually I had to add a few more updates to keep up with expectations (which I'm happy to do so). But still, I MAINTAINED the LIMITATIONS. Since then, it's been pulled off the scene so that I could further monitor and fine-tune the results.

However, I realised that there are still many others out there who may similarly benefit from this FAST ACTION guide just as the previous priviledged ones have done so. In the past few months, the prices have been raised, as you can see here (BUT, DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS LINK):

Earlier members who invested in this ground breaking guide have seized the first mover's advantage in reaping in decent profits (let's not brag over here). And for that, they'll be getting this NEW guide FREE. And if you haven't gotten this guide yet, well... the answer is pretty obvious.

But before I say anything further, please read on and you can be the judge (and I hope you'll quickly seize the opportunity)...


"CAUTION: If you are about to swipe 

your credit card or Pay Pal for 

Affiliate Project X....

S T O P !"

Forums, blogs and what have you not, have been abuzz with all the hype and myths surrounding this piece of hot selling guide since its official launch in early October 2006. If you were one of the many who bought this killer guide back then, I bet you too were swayed by this ridiculous sales line:

Please be aware: what I am about to tell you is top secret, covert information - the very reason that some affiliates make as much as $20,000 in a single day, while the rest fail to turn a profit

This information has never been made available before - anywhere else in the world...and it never will be again. But you may have to opt
out of this opportunity - and here's why...

I need to tell you something right from the start; you must be ready for something different... for something which works. You need to have realized that there's been something missing... a vital ingredient you've been denied... and you must be prepared to seize it. You should know that the reason you haven't made it is only one step away, and when you grasp it, everything else will fall into place.

But, you must swear to keep these techniques to yourself. I mean that because these techniques are not for everyone. If you don't want the financial freedom that the secret elite are enjoying, then you should probably just go now. But if you really do want it bad enough, then let me tell you something else...

I am convinced that this will change the
way you make money online forever. And here's why...

You see, my methods are straightforward and simple. But very, very few affiliates use them. And no-one is going to spell it out for you - because they will make so much more from your ignorance than they ever could from you seeing things for what they really are. The guys selling you information products like it this way, and the red-hot affiliates don't need the competition.

And you know that there are people out there making insane money online. People making so much that it just is not fair on the masses. But up until now you never knew why.

In fact, you have probably seen many of these same affiliates' promotions on your travels - without even realizing it. I promise you this: in the last week you have witnessed six figure marketers at work - guys using my bombshell techniques to generate six figure sums effortlessly - but you would never have known it.

These guys have no discernible advantage over you. They don't have more capital, they don't have any contacts, but they continue to rake in the cash day in day out. And there is a very, very clear reason why they do it. And that reason, my friend, is the secret that is locked away, inside your Project X.

Just imagine finding something which actually worked and which could bring you all the money you dreamed of. Imagine a life with complete freedom - a lifestyle of abundance with no more struggle as an employee. Imagine...

But also, you must remember, that you will never accomplish your goals using the same methods as everyone else - you need underground tricks that have never seen the light of day until now.

And there is only one way that you will ever accomplish everything you can imagine...


Heck, if you do a Google search on Affiliate Project X right now, I guarantee you that the amount of results returned will easily flood your screen! Why? It's because many affiliates who have since bought this guide have taken the author's advice seriously (can you believe it?) to promote his product and make a quick buck out of those who haven't.

And if you have been holding on to your cards for your dear life simply because you ain't gonna fall for that "another new fad info product", then you deserve a pat on your back! It shows that you are definitely one of the few smart affiliates who know when enough is enough! And it doesn't matter if you're a real 'guru', or a fresh newbie.

Let me ask you this: Do you know why I highlighted those sentences in his original sales pitch?

There's a good reason why...

If you check out from anyone or over at the forums what Affiliate Project X covers, you'll generally hear about the SIX 'secret' methods that the super affiliates have been using all along and simply not telling you. It claims that these SIX methods when used 'word for word' will do wonders for ANYONE if you abide by them. And it even comes with a solid 8-week guarantee! And so on and so forth (I'm not gonna elaborate further since everyone's already covering the details in their advertising campaigns on Googles).

Fast forward to today...

Ask those who have purchased the product whether it has REALLY worked for them and you'll get varying results. Typically, it will comprise of praises, a sigh of relief, tears of joy, right down to curses, condemnation, and calling the author a "typical product vendor preying on the weak" and spinning off repeated information.


See those highlights again...

It says that the methods taught are: hardly used by affiliate marketers, the secrets are locked away, and that the tricks are all "underground". Guess what? They still are! Well...almost.

"Verdict: Affiliate Project X has still not released the REAL truth on its said techniques..."

Like many of them, I too bought into the pitch and began dissecting the guide and even attempting to look through the downloaded  pages with a strong flood light behind each page in search of the real hidden techniques. I knew that once everyone had a copy of Affiliate Project X, the chances of me making an affiliate sale promoting project X, or any other niche area would be very, very slim!

After putting some of the techniques to the test, I was yet to see any results. Each day passed by without any sales but yet I could see my Adwords cost rising. This was simply too much to bear. Frustrated, I tore the pages up when suddenly..."Hey! I've been missing the whole point!"

I went back to my drawing board and started tweaking on my Adwords campaigns again. Within 3 hours: BLAM! I landed 2 sales! To me, this was not too bad for starters. I repeated the SAME steps on my other campaigns and, well, you can guess what happened.

First ClickBank Results

Second Screen Shot

APX Search Results

See above Clickbank Sales and my Adwords campaign ranked at the TOP!!

Recorded Results in January 2007...

PayPal Results

Yes, It Worked With PayPal TOO!

Latest Results in August 2008...

2008 PayPal Results

Till TODAY it's still working!

You  gotta have this...

The point I'm trying to say is this: Affiliate Project X is a GREAT guide, provided you know HOW to use it. For those of you who have already made the purchase but yet to see any results, you're simply missing the details and the whole point.

Now, I know what it's like to be experiencing those 'mood' swings when a new product is launched, or when someone gives you some 'tips' and you go back hoping that this may very well work. While I am in no position to comment on all those given tips, I certainly can emphatise with the bigger majority who aren't making any sales despite all attempted efforts.

As a former Fire Officer, I understand the need to be fast and straight to the point. I also believe that in any form of dealings with anyone, integrity plays a BIG part. The trust in the people whom I have served has never been compromised and as a Commander in my station, my men trust their lives in my decision making skills. Personally, I hate to be scammed and I certainly will not want to mislead anyone into false belief that such and such a product works, when in fact, it doesn't.

As such, I've been working over the last few days detaling the ACTUAL steps I use to achieve good rankings in my Adwords campaign which has allowed me to start seeing sales within the first few hours of implementation. Obviously, this goes HAND-IN-HAND with Affiliate Project X.

Instant Project X - Get It NOW!

The Revolutionary 

"Instant Project X (Ver 2.0 Alpha)"

  • Main component comprising of "Instant Project X (Ver 2.0 Alpha)" (RRP: $88), my recommended add-on guide to Affiliate Project X
  • Features include a load of FREE tools I use to boost my rankings and sales
  • Ethical spying technique used to spy on your competitors
  • Detailed steps on HOW I actually do it (not just blah, blah, blah)
  • Simple and straight to the point
  • Enhance your implementation curve and destroy your opponents!
  • The tools I give away that will entice ANYONE to accept your offer!
  • Lifetime Upgrades for "Instant Project X"
  • For the newbies, it's a MUST have. For the seasoned affiliates, it's something you simply cannot ignore!
  • Limited to remaining 250 16 signups due to GUARANTEED immediate results
  • Ver 1.0 SOLD OUT within 72 hours.
  • New updates added!!
  • LIFETIME membership subscription to BizEngineSite (valued at $3,500).

Just think about this...

You may OR may not have Affiliate Project X right now. You may OR may not be able to produce any results because some of the techniques recommended in that guide may have confused you and you're in desperate need to clarify those doubts. You can try to write to the author, but at the rate sales are coming in for Affiliate Project X, your reply maybe slow. And it's gonna cost you. You ain't got the time. And even if you've been making some sales and would like to turbo charge it to greater heights, then the Revolutionary "Instant Project X (Ver 2.0)" maybe your solution. It's straight forward and it works on ANY niche.

If you fit the above bill, then I'd highly recommend you get this highly sought-after resource right away.

Before You Gain Access...

"Instant Project X (Ver 1.0)" was released recently and was given FREE initially (excluding the original APX of course) to a select group of affiliate marketers to gauge its effectiveness (some of you may have been fortunate to sign for a copy when I advertised it on Google Adwords campaign). Since then, some of you have advised me NOT to continue giving it away anymore, while some have requested that I not even sell it at too low a price (which I test marketed and was SOLD OUT within 72 hours).

Personally, I know what I want to achieve: To shed the truth on Affiliate Project X and to allow deserving affiliates who have been struggling all this while to finally find a place they can call HOME. But most importantly, to gather a group of like-minded affiliate marketers (new and seasoned professionals) so that we can profit together in the near future through various affiliate schemes which I will be rolling out (if you're looking to make a great on-line income, this is your best lifeline. I kid you not). I will PERSONALLY TEST the many products out in the market so that you don't have to go through the heartache and hassle of overspending as well as source for the BEST deals known only to the privaledged few. This is STRICLTY only for the remaining 250 16 subscribers who get hold of "Instant Project X (Ver 2.0 Alpha)".

Honestly, it would be a great injustice to yourself if you so choose not to own the companion guide to APX, comprising of the elusive component: Instant Project X.

"Alright Gary, I Can See The IMMENSE Potential

How Much Is It?"

Remember now, the original Affiliate Project X by now would have gone up in cost. You may OR may not already own a copy. But you know it's NOT gonna stop you from achieving your on-line dream of becoming financially independent one day (let's put it as "real soon"). You need ALL the help you can get (just as I did once upon a time). And you know one thing's for sure: Help AIN'T cheap.

But if it can make a BIG difference to your income.....You know pretty well what it ought to be worth....

Make A WILD Guess....

Get "Instant Project X (Ver 2.0 Alpha)" now at: $88 $67 $49.95 

--> $29.95 <--

Yes, CURRENT Price Is As Shown Above 

(ONLY For This LIMITED Period)


Once the remaining slots have been taken up, 

it may NEVER open again!

Believe me as I did 12 months ago. I WILL pull off this site once the quota of 250  16 is maxed up! Why? Because it's now ONLY $29.95  and I guess you'd be totally insane not to have a copy of "Instant Project X (ver 2.0 Alpha)" at all! (What's more, with LIFETIME upgrades!) Don't take the risk by waiting for the price to go up to $88 (provided you're still lucky)!


My BONUS to you...

Once you've taken the courage to opt-in to discover how you can get on this opportunity, I'll be sending over to you the following FREE value added bonuses (not some recycled material) as an appreciation for your time:

Fast Action Bonus#1 (Value: $97)

Affiliate Cash Secrets

Get your hands on Derrick VanDyke's Affiliate Cash Secrets marketing system. This is a $97 value and worth the price of this package alone.

This package includes the Affiliate Cash Secrets super affiliate training manual, Free Traffic Secrets, and the Affiliate Organizer Software.

Fast Action Bonus #2 (Value: $147)

Keyword Niche Power

Quickly discover red hot, profitable keywords for your niche web pages.

Rank your websites high in Search Engines for popular search results.

Receive FREE targeted traffic from major Search Engines.

Get Focused and specific keywords for your PPC Campaigns.

(NOTE: The minimum requirement needed to run this program on your computer is a Pentium III based computer with Dial-up Internet connection. Your Operating Software must be Windows 98 or newer.)

Fast Action Bonus #3 (Value: Priceless!)

Squeeze Videos

Immediate access to Squeeze Videos - the revolutionary way in today's on-line marketing concept.

If you truly want to boost your affiliate sales or on-line business by almost 537%, then this is the ONE tool you really MUST have!

Beat your competitors hands down with access to this membership site, plus FREE bonuses that's worth more than it's weight of gold!

Get access to various videos (tailor-made) that will suit ANY niche you're currently in, and take the world by storm!

Fast Action Bonus #4 (Value: Priceless!)

An informative guide on "How to maximise your profits from Google Adwords"!


Once you've received the links to these 4 bonuses, do go through them as these materials have proven to be very useful in my affiliate marketing career. ESPECIALLY if you're relatively new.

Mark what I said earlier. Success is usually NOT cheap, especially when it comes in an opportunistic form like this!

See you over the other side!

To your affiliate success.

Gary Ng


P/S: Remember, Instant Project X works extremely well with the original Afifliate Project X. Combine these 2 together and you'll definitely see your income soar! Haven't got the original Affiliate Project X? Then get it here. Remember to clear your cookies please. Thanks!

P/P/S: To make sure you get your LIMITED "Instant Project X", quickly signup and download immediately! Once the remaining 250 16 orders are received on this page, I'll pull off this offer! What's more, at the current stated price, you'll NOT get this rate again! Not to mention LIFETIME updates! Trust me.... You don't want to miss out on this. Coz' it's LIMITED and it WORKS.

P/P/P/S: Savvy affiliate marketers should note that this is the ONLY SITE offering Instant Project X (the companion guide to APX). If you get some 'weird' unauthorised guide from somewhere else, then it's goodluck to you.

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